Festival Performers 1999

10th Avenue Jazz Band (San José, CA, USA)
Ed Zimbrick's 10th Avenue Jazz Band burst on the musical scene, with all-new line-up, back in 1989, in Portland, Ore. This seven-piece band utilizes Zimbrick's innovative arrangements to such an extent that its small number sounds, to all intents and purposes, like a much larger aggregation. 10th Avenue has no star and no fixed style. Its "Hot & Cool Jazz For the 21st Century" slogan is not a misnomer, for its book is a vast repertoire of many styles, including rock 'n' roll, blues, big band and a couple of dixieland tunes. Let the 10th Avenue Jazz Band carry you on a rousing, swinging and chord-filled sojourn through an entire fun-filled menu of the American jazz scene.

Members of the band: Russell STIERS - cn., Ed ZIMBRICK - tb., ld., Joe ASHWORTH - cl., saxes, Charlie CLARK - p., Dan ZEILINGER - tuba, Pat DINNEEN - bj., George URSAN - dr.

10th Avenue Jazz Band - Ed Zimbrick
5504 Monterey Road, San José, CA, 95138-1529, USA, tel.: +1(408)629-1101,
e-mail: C21Alpha@aol.com

Bolyk' Boys' Band (Budapest, Hungary)
The Bolyk' Boys' Band is unique not only because all four members are brothers (which, in case of a jazz singing group, last time happened in the thirties when the Mills Brothers were active) but it is unique also because the members achieved outstanding success both as jazz and classical musicians.

The group has given more than one-hundred a capella concerts in the past two years in various countries of Europe and has succeeded in winning the appreciation of both audience and critics alike. They perform their own compositions as well as their own versions of Negro spirituals. They blend their four voices in their own unique style which can be best described as the combination of Take 6 and Golden Gate. Their artistic rendition contains both the flow and improvisation so essential in jazz and the precision and sensitivity of classical music. At their concerts, besides their singing ability, the audience can experience their thoroughly developed skills in playing musical instruments as well.

Members of the group: BOLYKI Balázs - 1st tenor, BOLYKI György - 2nd tenor, BOLYKI András - baritone, BOLYKI László - bass

Kecskemét Jazz Foundation Management
Kecskemét 6001, Pf. 652., Hungary, tel.: +36(20)9607-169,
e-mail: bohem@mail.datanet.hu

Bohém Ragtime Jazzband (Kecskemét, Hungary)
The Bohém Ragtime Jazzband was founded in 1985 and has been a sought-after group at the major European festivals ever since. Their recordings and concerts have been broadcast in Hungarian, British, German, Finnish and American radios and televisions. They received first prize at the National Competition for Hungarian Dixieland Bands in 1994 and 1995. They frequently play with guest stars such as Joe Murányi (New York, last clarinetist of the Louis Armstrong All Stars), Zeke Zarchy (Los Angeles, lead trumpet player for the Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra orchestras), George Kelly (New York, former tenor saxophone player of the legendary Savoy Ballroom Orchestra) or Paul Asaro (talented young Chicagoan stride piano wizard). The band has four CD's and two LP's, their fifth CD is to be published later this year. The leader of the band, Tamás Ittzés has already recorded two albums for a Californian label and both received critical acclaim in important jazz periodicals. Besides their 50 domestic appearances the Bohéms spend about six weeks abroad in 1999, doing their second American tour, playing at Festivals in Rumania and Germany and doing a two-week tour in Germany in the fall.

Members of the band: ITTZÉS Tamás - p., vl., Stroh vl., voc., ld., LÁZÁR Miklós - vl., voc., LEBANOV József - tp., FODOR László - cl., as., KORB Attila - tb., p., SZÁSZI András - bj., g., TÖRÖK József - b., FALUSI Alfréd - dr.

Bohém Ragtime Jazzband - Ittzés Tamás
Kecskemét 6001, Pf. 652., Hungary, tel: +36(20)9607-169,
e-mail: bohem@mail.datanet.hu

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